• Venissa Dinner

    with Michelin star awarded chef Chiara Pavan

Saturday, 26 October 2019 7 p.m.

Burano and Zurich celebrate a cross-cultural event of friendship and tradition.

This event is based on a friendship of Allison Zurfluh and Enrico Trevisano, a Buranello rower who originally suggested bringing the friendly regatta and fish fry to Zurich.

The enthusiasm mounted from there in both Zurich and Native Venice, and now we bring you a comprehensive experience that goes beyond an authentic friendship to include excellence in winemaking, cuisine, heritage and tradition.

Burano, the island of Native Venice: welcome to the Limmat city of Zurich!

The Michelin star awarded restaurant is picturesquely embedded in its own vineyard and gardens.

Chiara Pavan, Best Italian Female Chef in the Guide de L’Espresso 2019, performs with an elegant mediterranean menu.


Sea bream | salsify | walnuts


Shrimp | red turnip | verbena


Herbal lasagna | timut pepper


Quail | quince | eucalyptus | chicory


Chocolate | mint and china

The corresponding wines come from the own winery and will be presented from the owner himself, Matteo Bisol.

CHF 220 per Person including menu and wine pairing, water and coffee




Sonja Weber
Storchen Zürich
Weinplatz 2
8001 Zürich
+41 44 227 26 30